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Beyond the ‘noise’: A phenomenological study on the experience of performing heavy music

Davy Dexter V Zaide | Joseph Carl V Sangcap

Discipline: Psychology



This study aimed to determine lyrical themes expressed on heavy music and to determine the psychological processes that define the phenomenon of performing the musical genre. Ten bands from selected towns of Quezon Province were purposively chosen after the researchers’ field observations on the music scene, pre-surveys and referrals from active followers and event organizers of the musical genre. The musical group members selected were 18 years and above, presently active on the scene and performing a musical genre under the scope of metal or hardcore punk music. The researchers employed face-to-face group interviews using semi-structured guide questionnaire divided in three different topics such as band’s history, the process of lyrical and musical composition and lastly, the experience of live performances. The researchers attended various events and gigs to observe and videotape live performances. Follow up interviews were also conducted after the respondents’ live performances. It was concluded that performing heavy metal music can be a means of venting and alleviating extreme emotions through sublimation of lyrical and musical compositions exhibited on live performances.