HomeInternational Journal on Social Innovation & Researchvol. 9 no. 1 (2018)

A Research Policy Study on the Innovation, Technology & Research in Designing A Communication Style Guide

Jose A Salandanan | Maria Gwenetha Ybanez Pusta



A fundamental question that can be posed within any feld of research is: What constitutes a high quality research practice? Since research is ontologically challenging, different views remain ambiguous. Patton (1990) mentioned that it is important to identify the purpose of research. Gall et al (1996) discussed how research might contribute in the feld of education. Grinnell, 2000 considered the balance between realism and constructivism in everyday life. In our view, the practice of evaluation of research can be defned as an activity in which certain aspects of the quality of research practice are investigated. Te current debate highlighting the problem of having evaluation is ‘led by the data rather than judgment’ (Hicks et al, 2015:429). An ofen cited defnition of evaluation is “...a process for collecting and synthesizing evidence that can make conclusions about the state of affairs, value, merit, worth, signifcance or quality of a program” (Mathison, 2005) which implies that evaluation can use numerous methods and measure a wide variety of aspects. Quality is the focus and is examined in a variety of contexts such as (1) research grant evaluation (2) research manuscripts and publications (3) specifc research topics (4) research groups and constellations (5) institutions and (6) national systems for producing innovation. Te lack of widely acknowledged quality standards for research practice is somewhat surprising. A consequence of it is that judges of quality research university boards, scholars, funding agencies and journal reviewers apply the values and standards of their own minds, felds or discipline. Tis paper examines empirically and theoretically the interface of innovation, technology and research in designing a communication style guide. In order to achieve this policies on research design and practice will be drawn by the department to guide the crafing of the style guide.