HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Alternate Routes in Calamba: Pathfinding Method

Archimedes P. Turo | Nestor Ii C. Lago | Kaye Ann G. Ramos

Discipline: Computer Science



The study aimed to develop a system that would focus on the pathfinding method to illustrate the shortest path concerning the user’s location on the road to its destination in Calamba City. It also aimed to explore the vicinity of the place. Dijkstra’s algorithm was used to seek all the possible routes and compare each route to identify the shortest cost among the routes and list all the other routes reaching the goal node. Dijkstra’s algorithm is applicable in the study because it searches all the neighboring or an unexplored node in the graph, starting from root node until it finds the goal.


The study found out that there are many possible ways to get to one’s location not only for referring to the main road but also by using alleys. Also, knowing the one-way roads is important to prevent violating traffic laws. In addition, distinguishing roads with heavy traffic is a way of getting to the target location in a faster way.


The study recommended the use of Alternate Roads system in Calamba City so that people would know the vicinity of the place and the shortest path in going to the given location and destination. Also, this study could help future researchers would focus on creating a system that would capture the concept of shortest pathfinding and understanding the Dijkstra’s algorithm.