HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2019)

The Efficacy of Strategic Intervention Materials (SIMS) in Teaching Social Studies Among Third Year High School Students

Rodelio B Pasion

Discipline: Social Science



This study investigated the efficacy of the Strategic Intervention Materials (SIMs) in teaching Social Studies among the third-year high school students of Bugsukan Integrated School, Philippines. The researcher made use of the group pretest-posttest design. The pretest was used the present performance the five learning areas in Social Studies namely: The Growing Power of Europe, The Spread of European Power, The Expansion of European Power, The Awakening, and The World Between Wars. Mean was used to determine the academic performance of the student-respondents while t-Test was used to determine the significant difference in the results between the pretest and posttest. Tis study found out that, SIMs enhance students’ interest as well as their retention of the lesson. Watching video clips, film, and movies about the teaching in Social Studies increases students’ performance in the test. Tis is manifested in the high examination scores of the students in the fourth grading period. The significant difference in the students’ performance in the pretest and posttest in the result of the effective technique the teacher employs. The SIMs are deemed instrumental in upgrading students’ retention of the content of the subject as well as in sustaining their interest to learn and integrate the lessons in their real-life experiences as they identify themselves with the characters they see on the videos, films and other audio-video materials presented to them.