HomeThe ASTR Research Journalvol. 3 no. 1 (2019)

Experiential Learning Courses: The Outlooks of Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers


Discipline: Education



Experiential learning courses (ELCs) permit pre-service teachers to acquire accurate experiences from the learning environment to better prepare them to the teaching profession. This research focused on the viewpoints of teachers toward ELCs. As a correlation research, the pre-service teachers of a state university and in-service teachers of its cooperating schools served as the respondents using the stratified proportionate random sampling. This study employed the correlation procedures to determine the association between variables. Younger pre-service teachers possessed a strong standpoint to have developed their self-assurance and open-mindedness through ELCs. Older pre- service teachers with maximum academic loads displayed strong disagreements that their registration to ELCs was in conformity to the course requirement. On the other hand, in-service teachers with family responsibilities reflected strong disagreements on the feeling that they don’t enjoy confidentiality when confronted with queries and that they are strained by the presence of teacher trainees in their classrooms. In-service teachers with longer years in the teaching profession did not consider ELCs as a disturbance in the learning environment. Finally, in-service teachers with graduate degrees exhibited strong disagreement to have misused so much time coaching teacher trainees.