HomeFEU Communication Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2012)

Tracing the Path between Coaching and Performance: A Study of Coaching in an Inbound Call Center Program

Chadwick Co Sy Su

Discipline: Social Science



A survey was administered to 61 agents in an inbound call center program to measure the variables of Coaching Frequency, Coaching Duration, Coaching Content, Coach Competency Perception, Coaching Resources, Coaching Recipient’s Efficacy, and Coach-Coachee Relationship. These variables, along with Agent Rank, Agent Tenure, Coach Rank, and Coach Tenure, were analyzed for their effect on the agents’ performance, measured by Performance in Monitored Calls and Procedural Accuracy. Using regression analyses, it was found that Coaching Recipient’s Efficacy had the biggest effect on the agents’ performance, followed by Coaching Content and Coaching Resources. The other variables were of little or no effect. It is concluded that while coaching affects performance, any claim that coaching alone explains performance is tenuous at best.