HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2020)

Teachers Classroom Practices and Learning Outcomes in Social Studies Among Grade VII Students

Ailyn B. Quiaman

Discipline: Social Science



This study ascertains the teacher’s classroom practices and learning outcomes in Social Studies among Grade-VII students of Santiago National High School, Santiago District, and Division of Agusan del Norte. The formulated hypothesis stated that (1) there is no significant relationship between the instructional materials , teaching strategies to the learning outcomes of Social Studies , and (2) two of the independent variables significantly predict that the teachers classroom practices affect the learning outcomes, the hypothesis testing was set at .05 level of significance. The descriptive type of research was used in the study. Survey questionnaires convey relation of teaching classroom practices to learning outcomes in Social Studies. The 130 Grade VII students of Santiago National High School, Santiago District, Division of Agusan del Norte, were the respondents of the study. After considering the problem, the weighted mean, Pearson product moment coefficient of correlation and regression analysis were utilized to treat the data. The results were then tabulated, analyzed and presented in the tables and finally interpreted.