HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 5 no. 2 (2008)

Perceptions of Stakeholders on the Standard Curriculum for Private Madaris

Shiela V. De Sosa

Discipline: Education, Education Administration



The study determined the perception of private madrasah administrators, asatidz and parents in Muslim communities on the new Standard Curriculum for Private Madrasah. Data revealed that there are approximately 63 Madaris, where 90.7% of the 63 Madaris follow Pure Islamic curriculum. The over-all mean of the respondents’ perception on the curriculum stipulated in DepEd Order 51 is 3.83% favorable. Many respondents are not oriented and aware of the new standard curriculum, which explains why 58% of them would like to retain the traditional curriculum of madrasah. All Madaris provide lessons from the Qur’an and Arabic Language and their instructional processes are directed towards spiritual and moral aspects of learning. Only 15% of the asatidz were invited to attend seminar regarding DepEd Order no. 51. Due to lack of information on the new standard curriculum, most respondents wish to retain the traditional curriculum of madrasah. Some prefer to preserve the weekend type and holism of Islamic education. Asatidz of Madaris in the city showed contrasting education preparation with those in the International Islamic University of Malaysia but expressed similarity with those in Indonesia. DepEd programs of mainstreaming Madrasah Education is not viable in Zamboanga City at the moment.