HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 5 no. 2 (2008)

Locus of Control and Work Commitment of Baby Boomers and Generation X

Gloria P. Gempes

Discipline: Social Science



The purpose of this undertaking was to come up with a generational construct for faculty recruitment and retention on the basis of the findings from the study. Mixed research methods, quantitative and qualitative, were utilized involving 301 full-time faculty respondents, 81 focus group participants and five in-depth interview key informants from the five tertiary schools in Davao City. Using pearson r, it was found out that there was significant relationship between locus of control and work commitment of faculty. Through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, it was gathered that Baby Boomers were more committed than the Generation X faculty and that most of Baby Boomers were inflexible to change while Generation Xers were generally lazy but technically oriented. It was found out, though, that both BB and GX were moderate internals. One novel finding of this study was that quantitative and qualitative methods worked well together in probing, at great length, the work commitment of a particular group of individuals. It is recommended, therefore, that the strategies incorporated in the generational construct for faculty recruitment and retention be given consideration by the administrators and human resource officers of private tertiary schools.