HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

The Determinant Attributes of the Farm at San Benito Hippocrates Health Resort of Asia

Jobel Allen M. Rape | Flordejasmin B. Trambulo | Ma. Kristine DC Villarin

Discipline: Tourism



This study intended to provide insights on the determinant attributes of The Farm at San Benito Hippocrates Health Resort of Asia. The main objective was to determine the comparison and the gap between the management and guests’ perceptions.

To understand the existing conditions, descriptive and qualitative research designs were adopted focusing on the perceptions of the management and guests. Data were collected through interview.  Findings showed that the determinant attributes as perceived by the management and guests of the farm were the amenities that include services and facilities and the ambiance that includes landscape and tropical climate.


The study came up with several recommendations to the management for the improvement of the farm. First, they should consider the reconstruction of the room Sulu Terrace for the guests; second, they should provide reflectorized warning signs along the way to the farm, they should also inform the guests how long will it take them to reach the location; third, they should hire lifeguards; fourth, they should inform the local government officials to provide streetlights in the place for the safety of everybody; and last, they should expand and improve more the positions of their light posts.