Computerized Medical Record and Monitoring System of Saint Michael College of Caraga, Philippines

Trisha Mae G. Bergado | Jhoanna Diane Esclamado | Missy M. Godinez | Reven E. Isaga | Kimberly D. Magallen



Life in the digital age raises the need for computerized medical records. This study was conducted to determine the advantages that the system brings to the school clinic and ease managing the students’ medical records and personnel of Saint Michael College of Caraga (SMCC). The current CPD framework, while superior to paper in general, frequently doesn’t address the client’s issues halfway because they depend on an obsolete paper-outline’ worldview (Gad & Ramadan, 2013). The study revealed that the system was necessary for managing the medical records and that it is very beneficial for the school. In addition, this system stores files with security and adds information to both students and personnel, including their consultation with the clinic. Moreover, the system updates the information whenever there are changes in the patient - fast-tracking data that can be convenient for the clinic attendant. The system also prints three classes of reports that are easy to manipulate. It was recommended that applying the system to the school clinic to boost the performance in managing the medical records, and improve the security standards, maintain privacy and confidentiality of patient data.