HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2010)

Spiritual Intelligence and Work Stress among Basic Education Faculty of a Private Non- Sectarian School

Salvador Iii C. Dela Peña

Discipline: Social Science, Religion



The study, a descriptive-correlational type, measured the degree of spiritual intelligence and work stress among 34 Basic Education (i.e., elementary and secondary) faculty. A standardized questionnaire was used to determine the respondents’ spiritual intelligence while a pretested researcher-made questionnaire was used to measure the respondents’ level of work stress. The statistical tools used for data analysis and interpretation were the mean, t-test, and Pearson r. Results showed that elementary and education faculty have high levels of spiritual intelligence and are moderately stressed. Identified stessors included task, role, physical, and interpersonal demands. No significant difference in the levels of spiritual intelligence and work stress between elementary and secondary faculty was seen. Also, no significant relationship was found between the respondents’ levels of spiritual intelligence and work stress.