HomeLiceo Journal of Higher Education Researchvol. 6 no. 2 (2010)

Determinants of Research Involvement, Dissemination and Utilization among the Arts and Sciences Faculty in Southern Philippines

Jofi Valdehueza Mahilum

Discipline: Education



This study aimed to identify the determinants of research involvement, dissemination and utilization among the CAS faculty of selected HEIs in Region X. The research design used was the descriptive research design. The independent variables comprised selected faculty profile, attitude towards research, and organizational support for faculty research. Meanwhile, the dependent variables were the extent of faculty participation research activities of terms of research involvement, research dissemination, and research utilization. The CAS faculty of the selected HEIs in Region X are evidently involved in research. However, the number of researches done is rather low due to some factors to include heavy work load, lack of institutional funding, non-credit of research work for promotion, and lack of de-loading scheme. Furthermore, the dissemination of research findings is generally in-house, thus the dissemination coverage is limited or localized. While research outputs are utilized, the utilization is generally focused on instruction – somehow limited depending on the relevance of the research topic to the subject lesson(s). Research recommendations for other areas aside from instruction are utilized the least. The foregoing conclusions imply the need for the HEIs to intensify their research activities to maximize research involvement of their faculty and the dissemination and utilization of research findings.