HomeScience Asia Reviewvol. 3 no. 1 (2021)

Challenges and Responses on Land Transportation Development in Zamboanga Peninsula Across Time and Space: An Interdisciplinary Complexities of Technology and the Science of Management

Michael Vincent P. Caceres



The role of Transportation Technology Management (TTM) is seen as a phenomenon that is less taken into consideration compared to the political and social frameworks of most scholars of the region. This paper emphasizes the dynamics of Transportation Technology and early ideas of scientific management that shaped the changing landscape of Zamboanga Peninsula. This paper follows a conceptual design; pertaining to indicators of transportation development which contributed to the changing landscape of the Land-Based Technology in the region as an interdisciplinary complexities. From the gathered data the findings revealed, that the Zamboanga Peninsula has a slow transportation development and poor transportation management policy as tested by time and space. This study concludes, that the presence of traditional modes of transportation was not much of historical preservation but inadequate choices of vehicles in the fourth industrial revolution empirically tested as behind in managing technology spanning the region.