HomeBENCHMARK: College of Business Research Journalvol. 4 no. 1 (2019)


Natasha Nadine M. Santos | Rheyven P. Careso | Lyndsay Rhoze B. Turingan



In every organization, logistical systems of logistics companies are a very crucial activity where every member should unify to attain its goals. It plays an important role because every single step in logistical systems should be effective in order to be competitive to our industry and globally. Logistics companies exist to provide their clients with high quality logistics services. To identify logistical systems that logistics managers implement in their respective work place, the study outlines various strategies innate in the following aspects: Transportation, information flow, facilities, personnel, and warehousing. Identifying the effects of the above strategies, specifically on the external affiliates (customer, supplier), internal affiliates (personnel) of the logistics companies, will also aid future logistics managers to outline specific aspects of logistics companies where intervention is needed. Lastly, such strategies and effects will serve as basis for identifying implications on the logistics management learning of AIMS-CA students. Unstructured questionnaire is used. Conversation is able to flow more naturally between the researcher and the respondent. It is found out that: In terms of transportation, Majority of the respondents have their own transportation facilities and they have different trucks available for delivery of goods. In terms of information flow, Majority of the respondents have their lead time for the accuracy of the service completion and using text messages and e-mail to give accurate information. In terms of facilities, the respondents have janitors for maintenance and maintaining the regular inspection in their facilities and equipment. In terms of personnel, majority of the respondents have more than three respective staffs in each department and the standard in recruiting the best people requires a college graduate. In terms of warehousing, majority of the respondents have tools and equipment available inside the warehouse and locating the goods by kind of goods to be stored.