HomeHelm and Rudder: School of Maritime Affairs Official Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2019)

Present Status of Selected Seafarers in Metro Manila in the Context of Family and Career

Ardee Casimiro | Rigil Azaola | Joel Brezo | Lorenz Lacsento | Leshter Magarro | Jhondle Ramirez



Seafaring is rewarding but high risk profession. However, Filipinos are still willing to take this risk for their family or career. It always includes sacrifices such as being away from your loved ones, risk prone career, and many more. This study seeks to identify the family status of Filipino seafarers based on communication, health condition, quality time and their family relationship; and also their career status based on their general working condition, pay and promotion, work relationship, and use of skills and abilities. Knowing these factors will help new and upcoming seafarers as well as existing seafarers be more inspired to pursue greatness and success in seafaring, and help them establish a good family and career status as seafarers. Finally this study will help students, specifically in Asian Institute of Maritime Studies to have a good vision of what they are pursuing and how it can affect them as future seafarers. Almost all of the respondent seafarers are male. More than one third of the respondents is 36 years old and above, while more than half are 35 years and below. More than one third of the respondents are in the industry for 16 years, while more than half are below 15 years in the industry. More than half of the respondent seafarers are officers and less than half are ratings. Nearly half of the respondent seafarers are earning P101, 000 and above per month, while less than one third have a salary of P50, 000 and below. The respondent seafarers strongly agree that they have a good family status which got a weighted mean of 4.65, while they agree that they have a good career status which has a weighted mean of 3.75. It was revealed through Pearson chi-square test with a value of 388.521, degrees of freedom of 4 and p-value of 0.000 that there was a significant relationship between family status and career status. Hence, the null hypothesis is rejected.