HomeRecoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 9 no. 2 (2021)

Green Chemistry Education among Senior High School Chemistry Teachers: Knowledge, Perceptions, and Level of Integration

Dinna Carangue | Immar Jun Geverola | Marijul Jovero | Eva Nina Lopez | Aylene Pizana | Josephine Salmo | Jay P. Picardal



Green Chemistry (GC) integration in environmental education has improved understanding of managing pollutants and their impacts. However, the extent of integration in the science curriculum is not widely known in the Philippines. In this convergent mixedmethod design, the researchers determined the SHS Chemistry teachers’ (n=30) knowledge, perceptions, GC integration in Chemistry topics, and challenges in teaching Green Chemistry Education (GCE). Complementary quantitative and qualitative results showed valid and reliable findings, claiming that teachers have limited preconceived knowledge on GCE but perceived it as an essential part of the teaching-learning process. Awareness of chemical hazards and their impacts on the environment is often demonstrated but rarely elaborated during discussions in Chemistry classes. Problems encountered in teaching GCE were also identified. A moderate positive correlation between the teachers’ knowledge and their GC perception was observed. However, no significant relationship was found when the teachers’ knowledge and perception were correlated to GC integration.