HomePhilippine Journal of Counseling Psychologyvol. 20 no. 1 (2018)

Help-seeking Behaviors of College Students: A Mixed Methods Study

James Philip Ray V. Pinggolio | Niño Jose Mateo



This sequential explanatory mixed method study explored how one’s perceived stigma and the type of professional being sought affect an individual’s willingness to seek help. In phase 1, eighty-four Filipino college students were randomly assigned to four treatment conditions utilizing a vignette depicting stigma (i.e., public or self) and type of professional (i.e., counselor or psychiatrist). Participants were asked to rate the degree to which they would seek help in given situations. Results showed that students were more willing to seek professional help from a counselor than a psychiatrist when public stigma was perceived. In phase 2, interviews with eleven participants revealed factors that hindered them from seeking help, such as their perceived ability to address their own problems, presence of stigma, lack of trust among mental health service providers and financial constraints. Results were discussed in light of how Filipinos may be encouraged to seek professional help when needed.