HomeLPU - Laguna Journal of International Tourism and Hospitality Managementvol. 4 no. 3 (2020)

Proposed Development Plan for Pangil Eco Park in Pangil, Laguna

Raiven Austria | Charmaine Benemili | Abigail Hernandez | Kimberly Perez | Alec Sison | Christian C. Aguado



Ecotourism is providing food for occasion creators in the common habitat without harming it or upsetting environments. It is a type of travel industry including visiting delicate, flawless, and moderately undisturbed normal zones, planned as a low-sway and regularly little scope option in contrast to standard business mass the travel industry. The researchers chose Pangil River EcoPark because they saw its potential to be a good tourism attraction in Pangil, Laguna. With its natural beauty, tourists will be willing to experience the beauty and different adventure Pangil River EcoPark can offer. By improving the ecopark itself, the researchers thought that it will improve the number of tourists that are coming to the attraction. The researchers conducted interview with the tourim officers, locals, and tourists in the Pangil River EcoPark to know what are the things that must be improved and what are the things that must be added to the park. After conducting an interview, the researchers analyzed the answers which became the basis of the suggestions for the betterment of the ecopark.