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Soft Skills of Officers: Toward A Land-Based Job for Seafarers

Earl Niel S. Villeno | Lloydwin A. Racelis | Jaidee P. Salazar | Mark Elier B. Sumanda | John Mark D. Castaño



The study measures the perceptions of 50 active officer seafarers on the soft skills they have acquired from seagoing service. Participants of the study were deck and engine officers who were processing papers at Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) office in Manila. The study is descriptive and the level of confidence of the participating seafarers were measured through ten statements that represent ten soft skills. The survey was supplemented with interview of three seafarers who transitioned to a land-based job. The study found that seafarers are confident of their teamwork and time management skills. In addition to these two, the other two skills, communication and interpersonal skills, were also considered to be valuable in their transition to a land-based job. Lastly, the study found no difference in the soft skills of deck and engine officers. However, though not statistically significant, deck officers showed strength in people-skills while engine officers are strong in problem solving skills.