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A Comparison On The Decision-Making Skills Of Ratings And Officers

Albirk Vonz D. Agudo | John Mark Ancheta | Albert Antonio | Khristian Atutubo | Joedo Beronio | John Mark D. Castaño



The main purpose of the study was to compare the decisionmaking skills of ratings and officers. This descriptive study involved the participation of 25 officers and 25 ratings. The officers and ratings were chosen through a non-random sampling method and completed a questionnaire developed by French, West, Elander and Wilding in their 1993 study on decision making and its relation to road accidents. The instrument consisted of 21 items that measure the decision-making skills of participants in seven dimensions, namely: control, thoroughness, instinctiveness, social resistance, hesitancy, perfectionism and idealism. The data collected were treated using frequency, weighted mean and standard deviation. The study showed that Filipino seafarers are mostly male, with an average seagoing experience of 12 years and affiliated with a company for an average of five years. The study also showed that officers have higher weighted mean than the ratings in all seven dimensions. However, the difference is only statistically significant in thoroughness, control, social resistance, and idealism or principled. The study also found that both officers and ratings rely on gut feel when making decisions.