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Safety Knowledge of Operational and Support Level SFAI Seafarers

Ranci Wren Robert T. Tandoy | John Aaron P. Vicente | Godfrey John P. Villa | Jonas M. Visperas | Reynaldo A. Dela Cruz



Human error accounts for at least 75% of accidents in maritime sector. This study investigates the level of knowledge on safety of seafarers and identify areas where there is gap in knowledge. A descriptive- survey research design was employed. The knowledge of the 50 male seafarers who participated in the study was measured using a questionnaire that consist of 16 items. Participants expressed their responses through a four-point rating scale and the data collected was treated using descriptive statistic like mean and standard deviation. T-test for independent groups was used to test for difference. Results of the study show that antecedents and consequences of the ABC model are vital factors in modifying behavior of a seafarer and in promoting safe behavior. Specifically, the study showed that there are gaps in knowledge among active seafarers. The study also showed that positive reinforcements are more potent in promoting safe behaviors. Lastly, the study showed that safe behavior is rank-dependent.