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Conflict Handling Styles of Filipino Seafarers Onboard

Mariel S. Jamora | Johnver M. Godes | Jhon M. Lorenzana | Matt Jewell A. Liwag | Mark Anthony G. Igaya | John Mark D. Castaño



Seafaring is an inherently stressful environment because working and leisure time are spent in the same confined environment for a prolonged period of time, which may result in conflict. The main objective of the study is to determine the conflict management styles of Filipino seafarers connected with one of the Philippines’ leading manning agency. The descriptive research design was used in the study and was participated by 50 seafarers. The three levels of seafarers (management, operational, and support) were represented in the study. The study revealed that the default conflict handling style of seafarers is collaborating and their alternatives are either accommodating or compromising. The study also showed that civil status and seagoing experience influences the conflict handling style seafarers adopt in a conflict situation. The study recommended the enhancement of trainings like maritime resource management, leadership courses, personal management, self-awareness, assertiveness seminars, and mental health assessment before deployment of seafarers to help them deal with stressors onboard.