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Food Safety Practices of Food Handlers in University of Makati Canteen Concessionaires

Maria Blessilda O. Candido | Hans Peter A. Caronan | Frederic B. Alinas



Improper and lack of knowledge in food handling are among the contributing factors in the spread of food borne diseases. This study aims to evaluate the food safety practices of the food handlers at the University of Makati Canteen. A checklist of food safety practices was used to determine the compliance level of the food handlers of the canteen. A total of 17 food handlers were inspected from the different canteen concessionaires. The results showed that 13 out of 17 or 76.47% of food handlers have health certificate ID, 12 out of 17 or 70.59% have medical certificate, and 14 out of 17 or 82.35% attended food safety seminar. It also shows that seventeen (17) or 100.00% of the food handlers conformed to the four indicators of the food handler checklist: no hair accessories, no facial hair for men/no heavy makeup for female, washes hands before working, and not eating, chewing and smoking inside the food stall. Sixteen (16) or 94.12% complied with two indicators: wear clean apron and wear hairnet in good condition. Fifteen (15) or 88.24% complied with four indicators: wear clean properly fit clothes, nails are clean, wear clean closed shoes, and no hair accessories, while thirteen (13) or 76.47% conformed to the wearing of clean spit mask.