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Embodiment of the College’s Core Values by the Alumni and Students of a Local University in NCR

Hanna Bianca S. Dela Cruz | Tracy Zhane B. Quinones | Jonalyn Joyce D. Villon | Maria Fay Nenette M. Cariaga



The values that students embody determine their attitudes and motivations. Values-based mindset like values-driven leadership is essential in health care. This study was intended as a follow through to the study by Bulos et al. (2018) and by Amores et al.(2019) which aimed to assess the level of embodiment of the College’s core values of resilience, competence, creativity and social responsibility, by the students and alumni. It employed survey research using a standard tool on 257 students and 69 alumni, supplemented by guided focus group, and individual interview/ essay including faculty and preceptors/employers. The results show that the core value, social responsibility (M=3.25, SD=0.80) has the highest level of embodiment in the students and alumni followed by competence (M=3.148, SD=0.81), resilience (M=3.132, SD=0.74) and creativity (M=3.034, SD=0.80). In addition, alumni significantly gave the highest mean level of embodiment of the core values followed by Level 4 and Level 2; Level 3 and Level 1 students. An increase in the mean level was observed for students and alumni for AY 2019-2020. Evolved themes, among others, are: Learning from mistakes of the past; Guided change process; Trust and respect to influence others; Being Purpose-driven. These align with the four (4) principles of values based leadership: self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility. The identified gaps obtained in this research must need to be given attention to, not just by students (and alumni) but by teachers, administrators, and employers.