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Mixed Method on Distance Learning Experience and Workplace Readiness of the Level 3 and 4 Nursing Students in a Local University

Edilissa M. Padilla | Lyka Mae S. Cruz | Renee Mae T. Nuique | Don R. Dacuma



Students are experiencing distance learning where face-to-face interaction is prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nursing course is one of the most affected, and given that the Related Learning Experience (RLE) is suspended, there is a concern in grasping the knowledge and skills that may affect the workplace readiness of nursing students. This study aims to determine if there is a relationship between distance learning and workplace readiness of Level 3 and Level 4 nursing students. The researchers utilized a mixed-method sequential explanatory design to gather enough data and information. This study used the Casey-Fink Readiness for Practice Survey and Online Student Connectedness Survey. Both are modified to align in the course program and were answered by 82 nursing students in a Local University. The results of the study showed the top 5 skills that were uncomfortable to perform, which the highest is peritoneal dialysis. Also, as the number of handling patients increases, students show a decrease in confidence. For the readiness for the professional nursing role, level 3 is moderately ready while level 4 is highly ready although Level 3 reported that they are not comfortable in distance learning as they have struggles in their home environment, as well as level 4 is having difficulties in some skills performance. Based on the results, distance learning and workplace readiness have a significant relationship with a value of r is 0.92, interpreted as very strong. In the qualitative data, wifi (signal) represents the different narratives and experiences in distance learning that comprise individual themes, composite themes, interlacing themes, and eidetic insight. Eidetic insights were shown as the yin-yang figure to express the need for balance between innovation and application which are essential for nursing students to facilitate efficient learning towards actualizing their dream of being an effective and efficient nurse.