HomeAraneta Research Journal (Indagatio)vol. 43 no. 1 (2021)

A Flexible Delivery of the SHS English Courses for the Student Athletes

Heidi-Marie Frilles-Padua



This research proposed a flexible delivery of the SHS English courses for the athletes in the following regard: an extension of the completion periods; an induction program for new recruits or a bridge program for athletes with academic deficiencies; context-based modules; blended learning (three days face-to-face interactions, two days virtual classroom interfaces); a smaller number of requirements; English Proficiency Program; English Only Please (EOP) campaign; flexible training schedules, and judiciously chosen tournament. The research participants were the Senior High School student-athletes for AY 2017-2018 and the study was limited to the first semester SHS English courses. The research looked into the students’ baseline data from the Admission, Guidance, and Sports offices, and their academic grades. The proposed modules were implemented for the first semester of AY 2017-2018. The triangulation method was used in data gathering where the participants were asked to answer a survey questionnaire, interviewed individually or via a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), observed, and student records analyzed. A parallel questionnaire was administered to the SHS English faculty and an FGD-meeting was also conducted among the faculty. This being a mixed descriptive action research, data gathered were qualitatively grouped, coded and analyzed, while quantitative analysis was simple averaging of mean scores. Findings confirmed the students’ facility of spoken English, but it also uncovers a discrepancy in the students’ perception of their English grammar, vocabulary, and written English competencies from the faculty appraisals, supported by the students’ scores in examinations and standardized tests. After the imposition of the module, the English proficiency classes, and the flexible accommodations, there seems a marked improvement in the student-athlete’s English proficiencies as evidenced by the Approaching Proficiency and Proficient ratings in the College Readiness Test and their improved English grades. However, as in any program, the proposed flexible program is wanting of enhancements to optimize results.