HomeAIDE Interdisciplinary Research Journal vol. 1 no. 1 (2022)

Effectiveness of Graphic Organizer Instruction on Students’ Achievement in Social Science of Sta. Maria Integrated School: Basis for Improved Instruction


Discipline: Social Science



The research traced the aftermath of using graphic organizers (GOs) to the achievement of Grade XI students in Social Science. Six specific problems on the pre-post-test of students in Social Studies were measured. The one-shot time-series experimental design and the complete enumeration method were utilized with the mean, mean percentage, standard deviation, z-test, chi-square, and t-test to treat data findings. The pre-test bears a very low performance on the six skills tested. However, there is a notable variation and increase in mastery level of Grade XI students during the second and third quarter examinations. The post-test achievement of students is at the average level. There is a significant relationship between the achievement level of students and their attitude towards the use of GOs. The efforts of the teachers to use graphic organizers in teaching Social Science were fruitful. The shift in paradigm in teaching and learning Social Science has developed the meta-cognitive skills of a student and their higher-level thinking skills. It was recommended that the administrator, teachers, and parents strongly support students’ learning activities by collaboratively providing the much-needed materials in GO’s and developing students’ affective domain to make it tuned to the constructivist and learner-centered K-12 curriculum.