HomeWVSU Research Journalvol. 10 no. 1 (2021)

Perceived Quality on Junior High School Sex Education and its Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes among Senior High School Students in a Selected Private University in the National Capital Region

Stefani Azarraga | Isabella Cruz | Samantha Santos | Julliana Riosa | Jerome Cleofas

Discipline: Social Science



Comprehensive Sexual Education is often overlooked due to its sensitive nature in conservative society, resulting in higher teen pregnancy rates, unsafe sex practices, and an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. It also restricts preadolescents from learning about other equally valuable information such as sexual orientation and gender expression. This study utilized scales to measure its main four variables — Background Characteristics, Perceived Quality, Sexual Knowledge, and Attitude — and a descriptive correlational design to explore the relationships between them. The results showed that quality sexual education had positive contributions to sexual knowledge, and that students had a relatively positive sexual attitude. The study also revealed that respondents with higher religiosity had higher perceptions of comprehensiveness and the school environment in relation to their quality of JHS sex education.