HomeQSU Research Journalvol. 10 no. 1 (2021)


Danisse Mae P. Hernandez

Discipline: Computer Science



The Research Management Information System of Quirino State University (RMISQSU) was designed and developed to help the Research and Development Office manage research records by providing a computerized system that will aid in decision-making. Specifically, the project aims to determine and analyze the research data management practices of the Research and Development Office; to identify the problems encountered by the office in research data management; and to develop a system that will address the problems encountered by the Research and Development Office. Agile methodology was used in the development of the system. The development tools used were Navicat Premium and VB.Net. Interview and observation were used to gather data and visualize the design of the system. Based on the interview and observation, the researcher found out that the collection of data and records come from the research coordinators of each department as well as faculty and staff researchers and sent to the Knowledge Management Officer through social media platforms, saved in flash drives and in hardcopy. These records are saved in computers and filing cabinets. With this, the following problems are produced: scattered, unsecured and prone to risk records; cumbersome record-keeping; and difficulty of generating reports. The RMISQSU serves as a database of research activities and endeavors of faculty and staff researchers in the University. With the help of the system, the monitoring of the research data and information will be easier. It can also generate reports to address the needs of partner agencies as well as the university in terms of research and development undertakings.


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