HomeHarvestvol. 9 no. 1 (2013)

Career-Related Parent Support as Predictor of Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy

Christian E. Jordan | Christian V. Dela Cruz | Karina R. Salvador

Discipline: Psychology, Social Science



Making a decision regarding what career to pursue is one of the concerns of young people nowadays. The career of their choice would serve as a vehicle through which they can pursue their interests and showcase their intelligence and capabilities. Thus, it is imperative that career decision making should be done confidently and efficiently, guided by significant others. There were 325 respondents compose of 140 third year high school students and 185 third year college students, ages 15-24 years old. The research design used is the descriptive-correlational design. The instruments used were Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy-Short Form (CDMSE) and Career-Related Parent Support Scale (CRPSS). Data analysis utilized were Pearson Product Moment Correlation to look for the relationship of the variables, and Multiple Regression to determine which of the variables under parental support predicts career decision-making self efficacy. Results revealed that: (a) There is significant correlation between parental support and career decision-making self efficacy (r=.548). (b) There is significant correlation between parental support and career decision-making self-efficacy subscales. (c) Emotional Support, Instrumental Assistance, Career –Related Modeling, and Verbal Encouragement are essential determinants contributing 29.3%, 16.1%, 15% and 8.3% respectively to career decision making self-efficacy. The results could serve as important reference in providing, developing, and enhancing career guidance services of the Guidance and Counseling Center aimed at enhancing one’s future career plans.