HomeUM Research Journalvol. 4 no. 1 (2007)

The UM Community Extension Program and Services in Maharlika Village, Maa, and Davao City: An Assessment

Teresita W. Bague | Luzviminda R. Pangue

Discipline: Community Development



The study aimed to make an assessment of the University of Mindanao Community Extension Program and Services to the residents of Maharlika Village, Maa, Davo City. Using descriptive and participatory research, community profile data, survey questionnaires and Focus Group Discussion in gathering data with percentage, mean and t-test for uncorrelated samples as statistical tools, results showed that the UM’s banner project was realized, the lives of the community residents have improved and that there was a high impact of the services to them. However, the difference in the income profile before and after the UM’s intervention was not significant.  It is recommended that AKKMI-HOA should expand its services especially in the provision of projects that would further improve the income level of its residents.