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The Self-Efficacy and Loneliness of College Students Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Joerell Ramos | Andrea Jan Manaloto | Shaznae Adelaide Dela Cruz | Denice Abigail Cervera | Chriselle Ramirez | Jhoselle Tus

Discipline: Education



The current pandemic has caused the education system to adapt especially to a new way of learning, namely online learning. Furthermore, Online learning set-up results to students learning within their homes and cause them to isolate themselves, avoid social contact, and lessen the interaction within their friends, family, and other love ones. Although students still achieve academic excellence, learning from home can have an effect to their psychological health and to their self-efficiency. One of these is Loneliness, the more a student feels to be lonely the higher its risk in having low selfefficacy. In that manner, this study observes the relationship of Loneliness to Self-Efficacy of college students living here in the Philippines. The statistical findings reveals that there is a significant relationship between Loneliness and Self-Efficacy (r=.171).


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