HomeUM Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2009)


Sharon Lao

Discipline: Community Development



As extension is one of the trifocal functions of educational institutions, teachers and students act as public servants and do community service.  However, do teachers and students have sense of community? This study determined the relationship between the sense of community and the involvement in extension programs of graduate students from selected schools in Davao City. After having triangulated the data obtained via descriptive-correlation method with information gathered from interviews, the study revealed that there is a high level of sense of community and of involvement in extension programs among the students of the concerned schools. Test of significant difference in the level of involvement in extension programs when school-initiated shows that school A is highly involved than schools B and D, while B is more involved than school C. In terms of student-motivated involvement, institution A is more into extension activities than B, while B is more involved than C.  On the overall involvement, institution A is more involved than B, institution B is more than C and A more than D. A significant relationship was noted between sense of community and involvement in extension programs.