HomeUM Research Journalvol. 7 no. 1 (2010)

Faculty and Student Feedback on the Quality of Teaching: A Monitoring Stratagem

Ruby Serrano | Merle Miranda | Gloria P. Gempes | Gloria Detoya

Discipline: Education



The purpose of this undertaking was to determine the quality of teaching at the University of Mindanao. Descriptive-survey method was utilized involving 287 faculty members and 2,129 students for a total of 2,416 respondents. Using t-test, it was found out that there was no significance in the difference of evaluation of faculty and students on the level of quality teaching. Through the monitoring tools, it was found out that the level of quality teaching was high in all colleges of the university. It was recommended that consultative meetings, academic forums, school symposia and other relative school activities be conducted to sustain the high standards of instruction within the university. These activities should focus on the university VMG and objectives, delivery of programs/administration of courses, stakeholders’ involvement and program approval, which are the main components of its monitoring program.