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#HerStory: the Psychological Well-Being, Lived Experiences, and Challenges Faced by Female Police Officers

Jayra Blanco | Ella Marie Doloque | Shelwina Ruth Bonifacio | Galilee Jordan Ancheta | Charles Brixter Evangelista | Janelle Jose | Jericho Balading | Andrea Mae Santiago | Liezl Fulgencio | Christian Dave Francisco | Jhoselle Tus

Discipline: Education



Police officers are vital to maintaining security and the continuity of national functions. Thus, Police officers are more exposed to different kinds of psychological concerns. However, a female in this kind of profession, based on various studies, experienced higher levels of stress because of other factors. Further, the primary goal of this study is to investigate the psychological well-being, lived experiences, challenges, and coping mechanisms of female police officers. Employing the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, the findings of this study were: (1) Female police officers had conceptualized themselves as brave, flexible, and adaptive. And they cope with stress with positive thinking that results in healthy psychological well-being. (2) Female police officers showed dedication and engagement to serve the people. They even used their resources for the public and sacrificed most of their time in the office. (3) Female police officers' primary motivation to continue their careers is their families, and serving the public brings joy to them. (4) However, female police officers experience disrespect while working in the field, and they always have fear in their life as police officers. Moreover, they need more time to spend with their families. Furthermore, it is highly suggested to provide opportunities for enhancing quality time with their family, specifically with their children.


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