HomeDLSU Engineering Journalvol. 18 no. 1 (2006)

Image Watermarkings with Self-Healing Capabilities

Stephanie Joy C. Co | Charisse C. Dela Cruz | Kelvin Mackenzie D. King | Andrew Powell K. Lee | Kenneth Josef L. Manalang | Engineer Edzel R. Lapira

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The modem world is rapidly becoming more "digitized" and thus the need for more improved and robust security mechanisms against forgery and piracy of digital contents increases in urgency. This paper describes a watermarking scheme with self-correcting features that would spur new developments in the field of information security protection, since it would provide improved protection of the intellectual property right of the owner for their digital creations. The system employs a hybrid watermark such that both qualities of a robust and a fragile watermark were integrated into a single system. The restoration capability of the system depends on the fragile watermark. Also, the encrypting algorithm used, aliased linear topology was specially designed to appear as if the sequence of the image blocks are scattered as a result of a pseudorandom scrambling when in truth a series of linear scrambling with different patterns were done.