HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 18 no. 1 (2012)

Organizational Commitment As Influenced by Leadership Behavior of Administrators, Job Satisfaction and Burnout of Teachers: A Structural Equation Modeling

Felix C. Chavez Jr.

Discipline: Education Administration



This study was conducted to determine the best fit model of organizational commitment. Specifically, it established the interrelationship among leadership behavior, job satisfaction, burnout, and organizational commitment. Quantitative research design was utilized in this study. The data were gathered from the teachers among the randomly selected academic institutions in Region XI, Philippines. Moreover, sets of survey questionnaires were used as instruments to obtain information from the participants. Pearson product moment correlation was used to find the significance of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Stepwise multiple regression analysis was used to identify the variables that best predict organizational commitment and likewise Structural Equation Modeling was used to identify the model that best fits organizational commitment. The findings revealed that the over-all leadership behavior of administrators and organizational commitment of teachers were high. On the other hand, the job satisfaction of teachers was moderate and their degree of burnout was low. Furthermore, the leadership behavior, job satisfaction, and burnout were highly correlated with organizational commitment, and found to be significant predictors of organizational commitment. Finally, the best fit model of organizational commitment was the Hypothesized Model 5, which passed all the goodness of fit indices criteria.