HomePsychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journalvol. 7 no. 3 (2023)

Gulong Ng Palad: The Quality of Life, Experiences and Challenges Faced by FemaleTricycle Driver

Ken Andrei Torrero | Aron Bil | Timy Joy Juliano | Angeline Mechille Osinaga | Josie Lynn Pariñas | Ramon Principe Jr | Franz Cedrick Yapo | Jhoselle Tus

Discipline: Education



Tricycles are one of the most popular, most accessible, and least expensive forms of public transit in the Philippines. In addition to being common modes of transportation, motorcycles, and tricycles also contribute significantly to the livelihoods of millions of Filipinos who rely on them for a living. Hence, this study explores the lived experiences and challenges faced by female tricycle drivers. Employing the Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, the findings of this study were: The participants strive to assist their husbands in providing for their families. Their motivation comes primarily from their families. They each make every effort to provide a better life for their children. Thus, have faced challenges related to their ability to make ends meet, find time to balance job and family obligations, and encounter discrimination and stereotypes in others, and day-to-day life. Moreover, they evade and disregard the problem and discrimination as a coping mechanism. They feel that if they ignore their problem and focus on achieving their goal of providing for their family, it would eventually disappear.


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