HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Production and Distribution of Malunggay Munchkin

Geline G. De Guzman | Lowileen N. Faustino | Caroline D. Mercado

Discipline: Management Accounting



The proposed name of the product would be “Malu Munch” because its main ingredients are malunggay leaves. It would be brown in color due to the crackers used, smooth in texture, round in shape, sweet in taste, and a delicious pastry. It would be packed in polyethylene plastic and acetate carton. It would have a net weight of 75 grams. The label of the product would contain its brand name, ingredients, net content, manufacturer’s name, and address.


The project’s objectives were the following: (1) provide customers with a high quality and nutritious food; (2) complete with other existing pastry products by using malunggay as its main ingredient; and (3) serve a wider market in Laguna province and eventually in the CALABARZON region.


It was found out that the proposed business is feasible, viable, reliable, and profitabl through the following assertions:

1. In the marketing aspect, the project shows that there is a positive demand for Malunggay Munchkin. Based on the survey conducted, 79% of the respondents were willing to try the product.

2. Based on the financial analysis of the study, the proposed business


is financially viable for it yielded to desirable net income.

3. In the technical aspect, the simplicity of the operation and the presence of readily available supply of raw materials as well as the manufacturing plant’s strategic location show that the proposed product is technically feasible.

4. Malunggay Munchkin is known to be an environmentally friendly product.