HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Canistel Ice Cream

Kathleen Claire D. Monsale | Romarie T. Matira

Discipline: Management Accounting



The proposed product would be named as K & R Ice Cream Delight. This ice cream would be marketed as a healthy ice cream. The canistel fruits are particularly rich in carotene and niacin. They also have a god amount of ascorbic acid. The product is homemade, thus, it is guaranteed with cleanliness. The product would be put in plastic cups.

The study aimed to achieve the following objectives: (1) compete with other existing sellers of local ice cream in Calamba; (2) expand the business through broadening the range of target market and selling the product to other barangays in Calamba City after five years; and (3) produce a new variety of ice cream flavor.

It was found out that the proposed business is feasible, viable, and profitable through the following assertions:

1. In the marketing aspect, it shows that there is a demand for K & R ice cream Delight. Based on the surveys conducted, 67% of the respondents were willing to buy the product.

2. In the technical aspect, it shows that the raw materials and

equipment needed in the project are available in the area of the business.

3. The financial analysis of the study shows that the proposed business is financially viable and would lead to profitability of the business.