HomeThe Trinitian Student Researchervol. 3 no. 1 (2010)

Experiences of Student-Desk Employees of the Bureau of Immigration: Lessons Learned from their Memoirs

Mhelvina Diane F. Bendana | Jennifer Z. Mendoza | James Jason J. Noble

Discipline: Business, Human Resources Management



A study of the experiences of the employees of the Student Desk of the Bureau of Immigration showed that they have the ability to adapt to different kinds of people who come to the Bureau for assistance. Adaptability entails patience, politeness, and courteousness. The employees could readily adjust to the moods of their clients, making sure that the clients are satisfied with their service. Some of the problems which emerged from the stories of the co-researchers were the (1) difficulty in communicating with foreigners and (2) the tendency of foreigners to belittle the Filipinos.