HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

The Portfolio Management of Orphanages in Bohol

Ernesto O. Golosino

Discipline: Social Science



The complexities brought about by the fast paced civilization posed a colossal problem which government cannot address alone. In a country like the Philippines, societal demands in terms of security, justice, wealth redistribution and the overall welfare of the citizens have grown geometrically in relation to limited financial and resource capabilities of the government. The diversities of demand among the citizens sometimes forced our leaders to take the driver set blind folded. The methods subscribed by our leaders lead to delayed if not disproportional dispatch of services which gradually distorted social balance. This disequilibrium has been gradually corrected by the philanthropists, charitable institutions and the nongovernment organizations in general. In Bohol, one of the issues though not alarming as of the moment is the presence of abandoned/neglected children. These fragile souls momentarily find peaceful abode thru the Department of Social Welfare and Development until they arrive at the doors of orphanages. Considering that orphanages heavily relied on dole out, financial grants and donations, the researcher wanted to ascertain if on top of these, the said institution interfaced in their system the basics of portfolio management. The paper is based mainly on secondary data analysis. The results showed that the theories on portfolio management were not being adhered.