HomeJournal of Interdisciplinary Perspectivesvol. 2 no. 2 (2024)

Building a Relationship from a Man’s Perspective: A Case Study About the Experiences of the Only Male Teacher in the English Department

Alyssa Mae L. Orfano

Discipline: Social Science



This study explores the lived experiences of the sole male teacher in one of the secondary schools in La Union. The research design employed for this study is a case study. The participant is a male teacher from a secondary school in La Union. The researcher employed semi-structured interviews to gather data and employed Thematic Analysis to examine the collected information, unveiling the unique experiences of the only male teacher in the English department. The study identified three main themes. The first theme highlights the advantages of a male teacher, with two subthemes: a conducive working environment and adopting strategies from female teachers. The second theme explores the disadvantages of being the only male teacher, with two sub-themes: handling all heavy tasks and having limited influence on personal issues related to female students. The final theme focuses on the coping strategies employed by the participant, generating two sub-themes: communicating with peers for the proper distribution of tasks and seeking assistance from a female colleague. This case study illustrates the lived experiences of the only male teacher in the English Department. Based on the findings, a conclusion states that the school should consider organizing seminars on gender-related topics.