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Reducing Plastic Wastes And Co2 By Balancing The Ph Levels In The Ocean Using Ocdron

Allain Vincent Gaspar | Christian Gaspar | Jean Michel Gabrielle Gomez | Mel Ivan Magsino | Christian Raymond Zalameda

Discipline: Computer Science



In the present day, there are many water cleanup projects being done to take initiative in maintaining the cleanliness of bodies of water. One of which is the Manila Bay Rehabilitation that took place back in 2019. It is a volunteer-based project that aims to restore the once beautiful and clean Manila Bay. Another project, Clean Cities, Blue Oceans (CCBO) by USAID, deals with looking for locally-led projects that could help further the program’s goals of responding to the global crisis of ocean plastic pollution. However, even with initiatives like these, volunteerism can only go so far as there will always be limitations in resources and transportation. Therefore, because of these limitations, waste is still prominent in bodies of water at present. This study aims to create a plastic waste pickup drone that is able to float on the water surface, which will gather plastic wastes in the process. It will also be equipped with a pH sensor that can detect the pH levels of the water it floats on. Additionally, it will also carry lime powder, which will initiate the neutralization of acidic water. The proposed system, OCDRON, aims to serve as support when volunteerism falls short - it will reduce the limitations of resources and transportation, allowing clean-up projects to be more efficient even with minimal manpower.


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