HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 1 no. 4 (2010)

Bullying: Home and School Experiences of All-Boys Grade School Students

Ronald Velasquez

Discipline: Psychology, Sociology



The study, aiming to describe bullies and victims and their dynamics in relation to their personality types and in the context of their home and exclusive boy school experiences, involved eleven bullies and ten victims who were engaged in focus group discussions, and four bullies and five victims in interviews for three case studies. The general average of all participants in the FGD was acquired from the Office of the Registrar as reference for their actual academic performance. The results indicated that bullies come from more physically punitive and conflict-ridden homes than their victims. Both have low general averages and tend to be emotionally stable. However, bullies are more ruledefiant than the victims. Bullies are dominant, socially bold, and insensitive to others while victims are passive, not socially bold, submissive to rules and sensitive. Three cases were analyzed and showed three different types of bullying dynamics across upper grade levels.