HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 9 no. 1 (2014)

Rights-Based Indicators Validationfor Millennium Development GoalsLocalization in the Selected Municipalities of Ilocos Sur

Fatima F. Rocamora

Discipline: Social Science



This study dealt with the validation of rights-based indicators for MillenniumDevelopment Goals localization in the municipalities of Narvacan, Sinait, Sta.Catalina, and Bantay in Ilocos Sur. It is in response to the call of institutionalizingrights-based approach for MDG development planning and governance. It lookedinto the indicators’ availability, relevance, measurability, and feasibility and theextent of availability of data in the LGUs. The respondents were the MunicipalSocial Welfare and Development officers, rural health officers, Municipal Planningand Development coordinators and the Municipal Local Government officers. Indeveloping the data gathering instrument, educators, researchers, statisticians, human rights advocates, stakeholders and the Commission on Human Rightsof Region I were involved. Results show that only a few of the indicators werehighly available; almost all were relevant and had good level of measurability.Only MDG 3 was highly feasible. Most had no sufficient data available exceptfor MDG 2- Achieve Universal Primary Education, MDG 3- Promote GenderEquality, and MDG 4- Reduce Child Mortality. These findings can be used inthe mainstreaming of human rights in the development of plans, projects andprograms especially in the monitoring and evaluation of development.