HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 10 no. 1 (2014)

Young Seafarers on Board International Vessels: What Life Has Been

Emeliza T. Estimo | Jed Y. Azucena | Ronnie C. Montaño

Discipline: Social Science



Special project cadets are exposed to various experiences as they embark onboard international vessels during their on the-Job Training for 12 months. With the aim of getting authentic information relative to their actual lived experiences away from home, this descriptive study sought to determine the problems encountered by company scholars and their coping strategies particularly at work and in their social interaction with their fellow crew. A survey questionnaire and an interview guide were employed in gathering data. Forty-seven (47) Engine cadets of a group of shipowners and a particular shipping company who have returned from their 12-month apprenticeship revealed that they learned appropriate work values such as flexibility and adaptability, patience and self-control, humility, resilience, stronger sense of responsibility, discipline and perseverance. Vulnerability to difficult situations, homesickness, and mismatched task assignments were prevailing problems among the cadets. It is recommended that clear measures must be done to address issues on discrimination, abuse by authority, emotional and physical harassment, excessive workloads, and unpaid overtime which have been partially revealed in this study. A feedback mechanism is also suggested for shipping companies to allow returning cadets to reveal the quality of their experiences for the purpose of ensuring a fair and honest management of crew in their fleets.