HomeThe Paulinian Compassvol. 2 no. 4 (2013)


Jerome V. Cleofas

Discipline: Social Science



Being a Catholic academic institution, St. Paul University Manila, in its one hundred years of existence, has formed not only graduates with competence but also individuals with values. Given the scarce literature on the values gained by students in doing scholastic activity, this study determined and explored the values emerging from undergraduate nursing students‘ research experiences using the framework of the Five Paulinian Core Values. The study utilized a convergence mixed method, action research design involving 31 student research units. The instrument used was an online form inquiring about specific Paulinian values realized from weekly research-related experiences. Generated data were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed using frequency and percentage distribution and narrative analysis, respectively. Findings revealed that the most frequently observed Paulinian core value is service to community (f=256), which is realized during communication and interaction with the stakeholders of research. It is seconded by commitment to mission (f=154), which is recognized when they fulfill both research and academic responsibilities.

The core value of charism (f=130) is felt when they face challenges in research while using their unique gifts and aspire to create quality output. Charity (f=82) is manifested when they accept changes and ideas for their research. Finally, from the experiences of praying to God to seek guidance for research emerged the value of Christ-centeredness (f=57). A proposed action plan for the improvement of undergraduate research experience was presented at the end of the study.