HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 12 no. 1 (2015)

Preferences of Second Language Learners on Corrective Feedback and their Relationships to their English Academic Performances

Ma. Theresa B. Valerio

Discipline: Education, Languages, Linguistics



Amidst the issues and research on language learning, correcting the learners’ mistakes and errors is an eventual quest among L2 teachers because acquiring mistakes by the learners and checking done by the L2 teachers are always intertwined with language learning. This study describes the inevitable phenomena of actual classroom scenarios of feedbacks as an inseparable part of language learning among the multi-dialectal learners of Quirino Province, Philippines. In gathering the necessary data, the researcher used questionnaires and interviews among the respondents. Findings reveal that the respondents somewhat preferred the explicit and meta-linguistic corrective feedbacks while they moderately preferred recast and clarification request. Results also reveal that along explicit corrective feedback, there exist significant differences when they are grouped by ethnicity and courses. The overall responses of the respondents, along with the types of corrective feedbacks, show that all the students wantedto be corrected but in different ways. It is important for teachers to know the learners’ preference for corrective feedback to maximize their potential effects on the latter’s academic performances. Although recent pedagogical studies have investigated students ’ preferences on corrective feedback, this paper reveals additional evidences for feedbacks and their facilitative roles in grammar learning among bilingual learners.

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Gina May B Cachola
8 months ago

May I ask for the full text of this research.